About us

Polymar is an Egyptian based company, founded in 1987 under the name of Chemical Industries for Construction (CIC) to be a leader in the field of construction chemicals technology, with its head office in Cairo and its factories covering 10,000 square meter in the third zone of Sadat city. Polymar specialize in a broad variety of custom formulated and manufactured adhesives, coatings, concrete admixtures, concrete curing compounds, waterproofing and joint sealing compounds. Our technologies include multi-purpose Epoxy, sports flooring, concrete repair and strengthening products and other chemical products for construction industrial applications.


Our Mission

Our core mission is quality, we are committed to insure highest levels of services that meet the market needs, customer's requirements and satisfaction at extremely competitive prices.
We are developing our production in the field of chemical industries and enhancing the standard of construction materials based on a wealth of experience, technology, and innovative ideas to offer unique and responsive customer-specific materials solutions and to provide the highest quality in our products.